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Q. When do I need a geriatric care manager?

A. When you or a loved one need help managing the challenges associated with aging and disablity you may benefit from the services of a geriatric care manager. Care managers help older adults and people with disabilities find the best solutions to their individual life management problems. They are experts about geriatric and special needs issues including Health Care Planning Financial Services, Legal Services, Real Estate Services, Assisted Living Selection, Crisis Intervention and more.

Q. What does a geriatric care manager do?

A. The team of Geriatric Care Managers at Complete Elder Solutions assess, plan, coordinate, monitor and provide services to meet the special needs of older and disabled adults. We are community resource specialists who coordinate health, financial, real estate and social services for the elderly and their families. When necessary we help our clients connect with professionals in Financial Planning, Elder Law, Insurance, Medicine, Psychology, Home Health and Real Estate. Advocacy for older adults is a primary function of the care manager.

Q. We live in New York but my Mom is alone in Florida and needs some assistance. Can you help?

A. Absolutely! We start with a comprehensive assessment to find out about the needs and desires of your Mom, you and other family members. We can focus on one or two concerns or assess all life management areas including medical, financial, legal, psychological, social and housing. Once the assessment is complete a plan of action is developed to address problems and manage tasks in any of the life management areas. Our Care Managers can report to you and other family members as outlined in the Care Plan.

Q. How much does it cost for your services?

A. We have packages starting as low as $375 per month. Please call us for more details.

Q. Where are you located? Will you come to my home?

A. Our corporate office is located in Tamarac, Florida. After a free phone consultation we can arrange a meeting at your home.

Q. Can you help me find home health care?

A. Yes, we have extensive experience helping clients select the right home health care company based on their individual needs and budget.

Q. Can you help me select an Assisted Living Facility?

A. Yes, we have extensive firsthand knowledge about Assisted Living Facilities in Florida. First, we assess the level of care you need along with your budget considerations. Then we make you aware of the culture and atmosphere of the facility along with the activities offered.

Q. If we want to sell our house and move into something smaller with no maintenance, can you help us?

A. Yes, we work with a number of Real Estate Brokers and Property Managers who are experts in helping to meet the special needs of aging or disabled clients.

Q. Do you help with financial and legal services?

A. We work with a team of professionals who specialize in providing services for the elderly and disabled including attorneys, accountants, insurance and financial advisors.